Social Dry Lounge is a salon providing you with affordable blowouts & makeup services in a trendy, upscale, and friendly atmosphere.  At Social Dry Lounge we make you feel pampered and luxurious, in an enjoyable and entertaining environment.  Each location has a runway where we frequently host fashion shows featuring local clothing boutiques and accessory lines.  It is the perfect place to add glamour before a date, party, school dance, as a routine maintenance for unmanageable hair, or simply just for fun!

We take pride in our talented team of stylists and makeup artists, who a innovation and adaptations of current trends in the beauty & fashion industry.  Additionally, we have iPads at each station, so you can review what's happening on runways around the world and post your latest look on your social media page.  It's our goal to give you the appearance you desire and leave you feeling....Blown Away!